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With "health and safety" as the quality goal, we are constantly pursuing innovation. I hope that everyone can put forward your valuable opinions in the service and help us grow! Will reply within 7 working days; delivery mailbox: Email;
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This brand mainly serves the international trade market and provides after-sales service support for foreign trade platforms or agents. Welcome regional agents in Southeast Asia or North America and Europe to negotiate cooperation;
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Service (9:00 AM—12:00 PM): members who purchase this product enjoy free after-sales guidance once a week. They have more than 3 years of work experience. It will help you solve the problems you encounter when using the product, guide you to use the method and exercise skills correctly, and enable you to get the correct training method.
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Members enjoy the service of return and exchange for 7 days without reason, and the product quality problem of 3 months is replaced or repaired for free; 3 months after the purchase date, the elderly will still enjoy free maintenance services for life, but a small part of the cost of accessories will be incurred; Generally, the maintenance period is 7-15 days. If there are accessories, it will be sent out within 7 working days after repair. The maximum time limit is 15 working days.
DASANYUAN BRAND     SANYUN情趣品牌,源自北美市场设计,从欧洲发展到亚洲,经过了多年的探索与成长,是专业设计研发健康体育与情趣用品品牌,秉承科技创新,开发设计新型产品,外贸迈进30多个国家;获得多项科学发明专利与新型实用专利;在行业领域拥有一定高度...
SANYUN brand, originated from the North American market design, developed from Europe to Asia, after years of exploration and growth, is a professional design and development of health sports and sex products brand, adhering to technological innovation, development and design of new products, foreign trade into more than 30 countries ; Obtained a number of scientific invention patents and new practical patents; has a certain height in the industry...[Detailed]
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